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This time of the year is tough for me…narrowing down over 100 days of shooting into 13 images that sum up the year. This difficulty is compounded by the never ending picking apart I do of each picture. I’m never happy with the processing completely, and never happy with ultimately how the finished piece looks. More »
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(The above photo is NOT real, I made it in Photoshop, to help demonstrate a concept…I know your first thought was, IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!) If you’re like me, and you conduct a large number of photography workshops in and on National Park lands during the calendar year, and you also like to be on the More »
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2013 Workshop Schedule

I get a lot of emails and people look at our Aperture Academy Schedule, and then ask me, “Well which ones are you teaching?” I appreciate that people enjoy the tours I lead and want to be a part of them, I’ve made a list of (nearly) all my workshops for 2013, I’m still waiting More »
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Well another year has passed by. When I sit down to recount my adventures from the year, and put together my favorite images from the past twelve months, I’m always shocked to find out how much I actually did during the year, and find myself saying things like; “Oh yeah…that WAS this year.” The time More »
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We’ve entered a new era in consumerism. We’re in what I like to call, “The connected age.” That sounds so smart right? With internet, and social media outlets operating on all cylinders it’s very simple for every photographer to not only find products, but research them, read reviews about them, and then buy them. All More »
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Italian Travel Tales Volume 2

Silence is broken by the sound of two different iPhone alarms going off. I hear David mumble, and begin the process of preparing for our first morning of shooting. I’m up too and trying to get myself together quickly so we can move out. It’s early mornings like this where I’m very glad I’m male, More »
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Italy Travel Tales Volume 1

I’ve been back from Italy and Germany for awhile now and had proper time to digest what I saw, what I did, and what I came back with. Now it’s time to spew forth the gritty details of the experience in written form. The purpose for my travel was to teach a course on outdoor More »
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Thoughts on Photography Competitions…

I hate photography contests. A lot. The number one reason I hate them is because I’m hyper competitive, and I HATE losing. I hate it so much that when I lose (and that’s normally the case) I pout for a week, sometimes (most times) longer. Losing is most commonly the outcome for all of us More »
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I’m in the process of putting up some changes to the website. That all seems fine and dandy, but the real test will be to see if I ACTUALLY DO. I need to update my gallery, badly. I need to update the intro-slide show, badly. I need to update the ordering procedure as well, badly. More »
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A Quick Update

We’re making some changes on the site. If you see anything that looks a bit off, we’re probably already working on it. Lots more news to come soon!
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